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I can’t remember why but this



Mmm… never gets old.

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Tom Hiddleston — German TV

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Please do not break my heart,
I think it’s had enough pain to last the rest of my life.

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Fun fact! The areas of perception and memory kind of overlap in the brain a bit. Now I don't really remember how this works, but it boils down to this: change helps you see things in a new light. The more changes and the bigger the changes, the more stimulated your brain gets and the less likely you are to wake up wanting to stop waking up. Or something. I don't know I'm not a smart. I just heard it from a smart.

OwO… I need to do some research, it’s interesting! :D

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This is it, now I’m florbe-triz , so dumb haha!, but no numbers! I always hated the numbers. It looks better without them :)… Also (some sweet people were worried because of this^^)… you won’t have to look for me through tumblr in order to follow again. I won’t lose you and you won’t lose me ^w^ *hugs*

thanks for putting up with me and my mess! <3 

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I’ve been feeling insignificant recently, not only irl, but also here in this fandom. My anxiety makes it worse,… i feel unwanted sometimes and a bit of apathy from my friends make me want to disappear. (and it’s been happening among people I thought were close to me).
So you may have noticed that, first of all I changed my tumblr theme, then my avatar, and now it’s time to change my url. Whenever I’m feeling down, I need changes, changes are good to me, no matter how small they are. It feels like forgetting and starting anew.
Not much! just throwing away the numbers, I wish I could use just “florbe”, as on deviantart, but it’s already taken here u_u…

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The feels will pass U3U

aaww X3 I guess you are right honey ^^… but for now I’ll just let them eat my heart and soul.

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Florbe, I just love your work! You kinda fed my Thorki feelings and made me a shipper. But now I ship Stucky just as hard and I can't stop thinking about your drawings. Can you do some Stucky fluff? Bonus if there's Thorki with it? *--*

Thank you dear, I must find the way to put stucky and thorki alltogether, i haven’t found the way to do it yet XD

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whatching thor on tv for the 15748587599499 time, but this time on HD 

I said HD right? omg! their faces are shining *o*

Ok, it’s over now… is it possible to be so helpless?… I am a mess of feels for the 15748587599499 time…

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why do people look like their art styles so much
they don’t look exactly like it
but you can look at a person then at their art then back at the person and be like “yes, this is definitely the person who drew this”

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This means that this kind of thing?

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imagine your icon teaching you how to french kiss

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